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Buddha Eden


If you enjoy a good walk, nothing to arduous, a visit to the Buddha Eden located just over the hill from A dos Negros into Bombarral, is well worth a visit.  You will find this lovely garden of tranquility set in the middle of vineyard country & surrounded by hills.  We came across it when out and about only to find it has a wonderful lake stocked with large Koi Carp, which is overlooked on one side by a terra cotta army and on another by huge stone statues of Buddha’s and other Asian figures.

A View of part of the lake

One Terra-Cotta Army

A Reclining buddha

Another Army

It covers about 35 hectares and was designed and conceived by Comendador José Berardo in response to the destruction of the Giant Bamyan Buddha’s, sculpted in the rocks of the valley of Bamyan in central Afghanistan.   Comendador Berardo was said to be shocked by the attitude of the Taliban Government, which intentionally destroyed these unique monuments of World Heritage and in 2001, in response to this, he started to create this extensive oriental garden in honour of those lost Buddha’s.

It is a lovely walk & for those that cannot walk far, there is a little train that takes people around.  The entrance was free but it now costs 2.5€ and the money goes to help maintain it.  There is a shop selling wine from the well known but local vineyard of  Quinta dos Loridos, in who’s grounds it sits. There is also a bar/cafe with seating both inside and out. I believe that by arrangement you can also participate in a wine tasting. I recommend taking a camera with you, the sculptures are braethtaking.


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