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Cycling around Obidos

Cycling & Cycle Hire

Bikes are now available to hire locally in Obidos, with a new cycle path to Obidos Lagoon in construction. Although cycling around the village of A-dos-Negros is not for the fainthearted, the views are well worth the effort. 

The two bicycles below can be hired for a nominal fee if renting Villa Arnoia, fraction M, for a holiday.  To do so the rental contract must be completed, signed & returned to the renters before commencing your holiday. Unfortunately cycling accessories & helmets, which should be worn, cannot be provided, so you would need to bring them with you.

A morning spent cycling up the hill through A dos Negros & onto the next village or up to Gracieira & onwards is very rewarding & the ride back down the hill to Villa Arnoia is great fun. You could take a picnic or stop at one of the little road side cafe’s you will come upon.  for a shorter trip out you could cycle along some of the tracks around the dam.  This is off road but has the benefit of no traffic.

If you are a regular cyclist, a ride down to Obidos is a good day out & there are plenty of places in Obidos where you can stop for refreshments before starting the journey back to A dos Negros.

I would always make sure you wear a reflective jacket for visibility & a cycling helmet for safety when cycling on the roads.

Traffic & Roads

Portugal has been modernising the roads over the last few years but still a lot of roads can be in bad condition: potholes, grooves (across) and in the cities cobblestones. (So wider tyres may be advisable) Portugal is famous for being the country with one of the highest number of road accidents in Europe possibly due to the driving behaviour of some people and a lot of strange constructed, unclear and bad signposted road situations. The ongoing roads are not very cyclist friendly and busy because there are often no alternatives. There are just a few motorways. A lot of big bridges are forbidden for cyclists (but you may use the motorway bridge in the south between Portugal and Spain). Around the silver coast there are many quiet roads but these may not be marked on maps. There are also many tracks.  Bicycle paths and lanes are rare

Cycling Rules

  • Motor vehicles have priority above cyclists even when they come from the right!
  • It's not allowed to ride side by side except on special tracks and not causing hazard to traffic.
  • Cyclists' must ride as close as possible to the footpath or pavement, even when there are two or more lanes.
  • When riding at night bicycles must be equipped with proper working lights.


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