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Getting to Lisbon

There is an excellent bus service from Obidos or Caldas da Rainah to Lisbon, that runs almost every hour, for about 6.5 to 7.5 euros each way.  This saves the hassle of driving and in particular finding parking. Lisbon is a wonderful city and a day will only allow you to see part of it. 

You can catch the bus from either Caldas da Rainha, Obidos or Bombarral but the cheapest way is to drive over the hill from the house into Bombarral to the bus station there as it is on the way from Obidos to Lisbon so the bus journey is shorter & slightly cheaper. There are two bus service providers that travel to Lisbon from Caldas da Rainha, the Rede eXpressos or the rapida verde which terminates at Campo grande in Lisbon.


Things to see in Lisbon

Lisbon is well worth a visit & one of the tram tours is a good way to see it.  Do go up the [Lisbon Elevador] to get some good views over Lisbon & perhaps a glass of wine in the cafe at the top.  Walking down the main street will provide plenty of opportunities to purchase a painting of the area from one of the local artists.  For children there is always a trip to the Lisbon Aquarium or [Oceanário de Lisboa] which is I believe the largest in Europe.


A living Statue in the Baixa or city centre

The Elevador at night

The Elevador at night

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