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Obidos is well worth a visit if only to try the local Ginjha liqueur.  It is a truly beautiful inhabited medieval town of cobbled streets a castle & white houses with the beautiful blue & ochre trims that are typically Portuguese. There are plenty of shops selling Portuguese crafts such as china, glass & ceramics & wonderful embroidery.  It has many little cafes & some fantastic restaurants with good local food & wine on the menu.  If you like a walk with views you can walk around the inside of the ramparts of the town wall, which is about 1.5 km & has some wonderful views, or a tour round the streets in the local horse drawn ‘Obidos Taxi’ is also available. Come in March to the Chocolate Festival where chocolate sculptures abound.  There are many different festivals held throughout the year including the Medieval Festivals in July, the Opera festival in August and the Christmas Festival when it is transformed into a Winter Wonderland complete with an ice rink.  There is a weekly market on Mondays. The local Internet Cafe is a popular meeting place for young people, in the main Obidos street opposite the Church square, and is free to everyone.

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