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The Silver Coast - Places to Go

Portugal is a wonderful country to live or holiday in. It has an excellent climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Three sets of influences are involved, Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean. The Atlantic predominates overall putting most of the country in to the humid zone of the Iberian peninsula. In the north west, it gives a mild rainy climate. This humidity which is seen, in the Estramadura region, as morning mist before the sunshine, is very useful for watering the vines of the local vineyards. The coastal areas are where the bulk of the population live. In Porto and Lisbon, sometimes the density can reach almost 700 people per square kilometer. The population of Portugal starts to thin out from West to East and from North to South, the interior areas have a very low density of population.

The infrastructure is well developed and Portugal has excellent road and rail connections. The Costa de Prata or Silver coast, so called because of the beautiful silver light, is becoming very popular for Holiday Homes. The area has a delightful landscape, is situated between Porto and Lisbon and has much to offer. Here you can sample many deserted beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, beautiful countryside and a healthy climate.

The holiday villa is ideally placed on the Silver Coast.  It is only 50 minutes from Lisbon & is six minutes by car to the wonderful medieval town of Obidos.  There are many beaches of types to suit most peoples requirements.  For those wishing to relax at the villa the [pool[ & [terrace] are at your disposal.

If you travel down into Obidos, a 6 minute drive, you will find a large Supermarket, municipal swimming pool and leisure facilities there plus many restaurants and bars. In the centre there is a local Internet cafe which is free to everyone.  In the nearby town of Caldas da Rainha there are many other Supermarkets such as the Intermarche, Aldi, Lidl & Eleclerc. Caldas, which boasts some lovely shops, also has a daily fresh fruit and vegetable market with many flower stalls. Whilst it is easier & much more convenient to explore the area in a hire car, Obidos & Caldas da Rainha can be reached by bus from A dos Negros and are close enough to go by taxi.

There are many [Beaches] & resorts along the Silver Coast & most of them are within easy driving distance.

Lisbon is well worth a visit & can be reached easily by bus, car or train. It is impossible to see it all in a day but with such regular buses a couple of visits are easily practical.

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Portugal Silver Coast Property